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"Diana took over as Musical Director 3 years ago and brought a new and refreshing approach to directing our choir. Her style is easy going and she makes our rehearsals fun but at the same time she manages to bring out the best in us through her attention to detail, high expectations and an impressive knowledge of techniques and musical theory. As a result, the choir has gained a deeper understanding and knowledge of the music we sing and has advanced our musical techniques. Diana includes and encourages all levels of musical abilities and is always sensitive to the needs of individuals.


Her extensive knowledge of music is shown through the wide variety of programmes we perform, which range from early 15th century music through to that of the modern day. "

Lindsey Mills, Choir Member




"My son Joseph has Williams syndrome. As part of his condition, he has poor spatial awareness, and difficulties with his fine motor skills. People with Williams syndrome are thought to be naturally orientated towards music. We had paid privately for music lessons for his sibling and out of a sense of fairness for Joseph wanted to do something similar for him. Diana North is a teaching assistant at Joseph’s school, and having heard her sing and play piano, we approached her to ask if she might consider teaching Joseph piano. We felt this would help him develop some of his finger coordination, improve concentration levels and perhaps after a year or two, be able to play a few notes. He has severe learning disabilities and we did not expect much in the way of him learning to play a tune.


Over the course of six months, Diana did far more than this. Joseph can identify notes on a scale. He can pinpoint them on the keyboard and play them. He can find notes that he hears on the TV on the keyboard and he will then try to copy the melodies. I was so impressed with this that I asked Diana to teach me. She has provided me with a wealth of scores to learn from a range of genres. She builds confidence and corrects, advises and offers practical and helpful advice to help Joseph and I with our playing ability. We both look forward to our time with Diana. She works at an excellent pace for us both, and also at a level that Joseph appreciates and understands. She focuses his attention, and aids his concentration, to the point where he will proudly tell us and then demonstrate to us what he has been learning. She is also developing my playing ability, and is showing great patience in helping me to move on from the pointer finger key pecking bad habits that have always blighted my ability to play more than the most basic of tunes."

Matthew Shaw - Parent and Student



"5 star piano teacher. Amazing piano teacher, I really look forward to her lessons and there amazing. Diana is really understandable if you make a mistake. When I started I knew nothing and now I’m Grade 3. Best teacher I’ve ever had and ever will."

Jerry Louth - Student (aged 9)


"Diana has worked with Jerry for the last 18th months teaching him piano – most of that through lockdown with lessons on zoom. Her calm, steady approach has meant that Jerry has progressed well and was very quickly playing pieces that he feels enthusiastic about learning. The lesson notes are really clear and informative so that I can help him practice and she also updates me regularly in person which I have found invaluable. I particularly notice her patience and interest in what Jerry has been doing that week and prompts conversation which I can see relaxes him into his lesson. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a brilliant teacher to learn with."

Karen - Jerry's Mum

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